Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Habits

A coworker of mine shared a quote: "There are no successful people, only successful habits." He didn't know who said it and neither do I, but I think it's inspirational anyway. He told me this quote got him started on a healthier lifestyle. He told me he started by acquiring one healthy habit and once it became a true habit, he would add another. A year and 60 pounds later, he is a wonderful example of healthy living.

Since I am trying to focus on living a healthy lifestyle I decided I better start acquiring some better habits. I was able to make a habit of taking my temperature everyday. Instead of focusing on dropping bad habits, I am going to take a more positive and proactive approach and just try to gain one healthy habit. I am hoping to gain one healthy habit per week, but if it takes longer than that, I am OK with that too. So long as I am continuing to make progress, I won't worry about meeting a deadline.

This week my new habit will be to only drink water. (Excluding one serving of milk per day.)

Other habits I want to add to my list after mastering my first:

Get out of bed at 7:00 a.m. whether I work that day or not.
At least 50% of each meal will consist of vegetables
No Internet unless I have exercised that day
If I want to eat something unhealthy, I will only eat one serving
I will take a vitamin everyday
Go to bed by 10:30 p.m.

I know I always post goals and never end up reaching all of them, but I figure there is no harm in constantly striving to improve myself. I am pretty goal oriented, but also lazy. I am hoping to find an extra dose of discipline and get started one habit at a time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bucket update

After reviewing my Baby Bucket List I figured I would need to update my progress.

All but one closet is completely organized and I gave a truck load of things to good will.

Lost a few pounds but still haven't completely gotten into a groove with a regular fitness routine. I am hit and miss depending on the craziness of my week and if I have a babysitter. (Which is rare these days) I am, however, eating very nutritious foods and I did give up caffiene. So I am doing something.

We have a trip planned for out little family of 3. We are going to Disneyland!

We have paid down our debt considerably but haven't paid it off completely. Hope to do that before baby is born, but that all depends on how long it takes to get pregnant.

Found a healthcare provider! I am very excited about that. I am still working on the birth plan, though.

DH is also doing very well in school and is still on track to graduate next spring.


I have a really strong feeling I am going to get pregnant this cycle. Man am I going to be crushed when it doesn't happen. I suppose I should revel in my optimism instead of focusing on how I will feel later (when it doesn't happen). We won't officially ttc til September, but I still feel like I will get pregnant this cycle for some reason. It would be great news since I want a baby, but the last thing I need is another May birthday! Getting pregnant in September and the resulting June baby, would be ideal. I suppose I should stick with that plan. But, I have heard several times lately "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans." So here's to hoping I have a baby in 2011 at all. Gotta get me some of that baby dust people keep talking about.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Something in the Water

I hate when people say things like "there must be something in the water" when referring to the number of pregnant people around. I guess I just feel so left out! I have 2 SIL's that are currently pregnant. I have 2 co-workers that are currently pregnant. I have a 3 friends who just announced their pregnancies and a few more with newborns. My next-door neighbor is pregnant, and I went out to dinner with a friend over the weekend and we lost count of how many pregnant women were in the restaurant that night! (We seriously quit counting after 16!!) We do live in Utah, the state with the most pregnancies in the country almost every single year, but it seems like I am the only one NOT pregnant! Why am I so jealous?! I think it's wonderful and I am happy for them, but I want it too. I am ready for my turn.

I have a few things I am nervous concerned about when it comes to having another child, but I think I am finally emotionally ready to get pregnant. I was concerned about Lou adjusting to life with a sibling and learning to share my love and attention. But now I feel bad for him when I think about what he is missing out on by NOT having a sibling. I come from a large family, and while they irritate me at times, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my huge family and all the chaos fun that comes with it. I don't necessarily want 6 children, but then again, I don't have the stamina, patience, or funds my parents had, so 2 or 3 will be just fine for me.

I am ready to be pregnant again! I am anxious for it and craving it. I want the nausea, fatigue, backaches and all that comes with pregnancy because in the end I will have a BABY! I want my chance to test myself and my conviction about the birthing choices I have decided on. I am ready to try out a CNM as a  provider instead of an OB. I am anxious to wear the maternity clothes I have boxed up in my closet. I am anxious to plan for a baby and to talk to Lou about being a big brother. DH and I are already talking non-stop about baby names. He is more excited than I am! We may even have a boy and girl's name already decided! (Not telling this time until baby is BORN!)

Am I jinxing myself by wanting it this badly? Probably. I am very baby hungry. In fact, I am the most baby hungry I have ever been. Hopefully once we are ready to TTC (next month) I will be able to have success fairly quickly. I really don't want my children to be 4+ years apart! Lou is 2 and 1/2 and will be closer to 4 then 3 by the time I give birth even if I get pregnant right away. That makes me a little sad, but life doesn't always work out the way you want it to, but I do believe it works out the way it should.

Wish me luck (and sanity) through this process. I know I will need it!