Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Am I crazy?

I really want to add to our family. I do. But, I also want to accomplish the goals on my baby bucket list before getting pregnant. The particular goal I had in mind was to take a trip with our family of 3 before it becomes a family of 4. We have the perfect trip planned. We are going to Disneyland! DH and I have been dying to take Lou to Disneyland and we have the perfect opportunity to go in September. We will be able to save enough by then and we would have a free ride to California (courtesy of my parents) and a free place to stay (courtesy of my in-laws) so not only would it be perfect timing, it would be the least expensive way to go.

One problem: I don't want to be pregnant at Disneyland! Is that so selfish? I want to be able to go on the rides and really enjoy myself. That said, I still want to add to the family and try for another baby. I suppose I could  stick to my original plan and wait til September to TTC. I guess that would make the problem disappear, am I patient enough to wait til then? There is also a chance that I could TTC and not get pregnant before then so that would be another way to nullify the problem.

Anyone know if it's dangerous to go on Disneyland rides during early pregnancy? Their rides aren't super extreme like other parks, but I still plan on hitting up Splash Mountain and the like. It won't just be Fantasy Land.


  1. I know the feeling. And ya, rides while pregnant aren't safe. It actually throws your uterus and baby into a different center of gravity, and the pressure from it can cause miscarriage. Which totally blows :(

    Wish I had an answer for you!! I found out I was pregnant a week before the fair here and I was soo bummed. Rides are my favorite things.

  2. You are not crazy. I would totally wait till after the trip if it were me. It's only a month difference, and it's what you were planning on originally anyway. Long Live Disneyland!