Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Bucket List

I stole this idea from Future Mama but I thought it was a great idea so here is my baby bucket list. (Things I would like to accomplish before baby #2)

1. Get ALL my closets organized. Anyone that knows me well, knows that this will be a tough one. I am kind of a pack rat and I have plenty I need to get rid off before adding another person to the chaos and limited space.

2. Lose some weight and get into a regular fitness routine. I wanna be in prime physical condition before my next baby.

3. Take a vacation with my little family of 3. Lou (my son) has never been to Disneyland.

4. Pay off some debt. I want to get the credit cards paid off completely before jumping into hospital bills. I know I am horrible for having credit card debt, but it happens and we are working hard to fix it. That's what happens when you don't have a rainy day fund. You have to use the card. Won't be making that mistake again.

5. Write a birth plan and chose a health care provider before getting pregnant. This needs a whole separate post. I'll get on that.

6. Get Hubs through school! He is graduating in 1 year and we hope to have a baby sometime soon after graduation. (Which means we will be ttc sometime after September. I don't have much time to accomplish all this. Yikes!)

1 comment:

  1. That's exciting you have it planned. I'm thinking of making one of these just to take my mind off of trying, since we have quit. I am excited to follow you here, and hope writing for you helps you like it does me.